Aldebaran Arabians
“You walk on this land and see a hundred oaks around you and glimpses of slender white mares in the meadows. Everywhere you look there is this simple, non-egoistic beauty of nature. The grey pyramids of buildings rise up together in perfect geometry amongst the hills; there is no power play or competition between the man-made structures and what is given here by nature...”

As the cultural heart of Vienna gets ready for its festive Spring Imperial ball season:

Gaurav Walia met with Mrs. Elisabeth Gürtler, current director / CEO of the Spanish Riding School in the historic apartment of Alois Podhajsky (famed director of the school throughout World War II) on a memorable winter’s day in Vienna, Austria.

“My visit with Mrs. Gürtler was an inspiring one; Her family owns the famous Hotel Sacher, one of the few luxury boutique hotels in the world to still remain in private hands. Aside from horses, we have that as another common pursuit since my own luxury brand based in San Francisco is my private operation, opting to remain exclusive and working with suppliers who share our values and ethics in respect to nature.”

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