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DAMS OF DISTINCTION: Aldebaran’s Pustynna Tarcza in AHW magazine.

Arabian Horse World Magazine feature.


The Aristocrat mares *Egzotyka and *Pustynna Tarcza.
Aldebaran Arabians featured
in Arabian Horse World Magazine, September 2009 issue (pages 55-56)

Pustynna Tarcza - Dams of Distinction.

Dams of Distinction: *Egzotyka and *Pustynna Tarcza, featured in Arabian Horse World Magazine (USA).

Breeders Profile
California, USA

Gaurav Walia discusses the foundation qualities of the star Polish mares at Aldebaran Arabians:

“Inherent grace, intelligence and regal demeanor are desert-bred qualities that we aim to preserve and endeavor to present intact in our horses. The pursuit for such beauty in our mares lays a quest for individuality – originality and style are key to achieving this objective. At our newly established program, the elite Polish aristocrat *Pustynna Tarcza, in foal to Straight Egyptian *Al Maraam (by Imperial Imdal) for Spring 2010, is the embodiment of Aldebaran’s path,” says Gaurav Walia, founder of Aldebaran Arabians, USA.

We endeavor to infuse rare antiquarian blood, primarily of Polish and Straight Egyptian breeding with contemporary Sire lines to preserve beauty, grace, balance and athletic function. We’re open-minded and recognize that certain looks and traits have evolved into being the modern Arabian horse through contemporary progression. In appreciating the ideals of worldwide breeders and giving deference to history, with a creative willingness to venture the unknown, the progress of the contemporary Arabian horse at Aldebaran emphasizes elusive desert beauty, enhanced by the evolution of modern international breeding philosophy,” discusses Mr. Walia, adding that in this grand endeavor, the newly-established Aldebaran Arabians program partnered with Furioso Bloodstock in California in early 2009 to lay the foundations of a mutual passion for preserving classic qualities of Arabian beauty. “Creating a breeding plan is a long journey; weaving the fabric of this philosophy takes intelligent decisions and these are not always made alone. Close contact with successful breeders all over the world and understanding their programs has given us a true undertanding of many breeding philosophies throughout the world.”

Always thinking about ‘WHAT’S NEXT’, keeps a breeder alert and searching. The past is always the clearest and best road to the future,” notes Raymond Mazzei, “With these ideas in mind very specific steps are being followed. A Straight Egyptian program is being created to blend and implement the Polish history so long associated with Furioso. We travel and see first hand, all over the world, the importance of finding, ‘WHAT’S NEXT’. Each horse is here with a purpose, a place in the breeding plan, nothing is by accident.”

One of the most beautiful and prolific broodmares to ever leave Poland, Pustynna Tarcza is the eternal style of the Michałów mare: Majestically feminine, graciously elegant and unconditionally maternal. Perfectly balanced with cadenced athletic movement and distinctly refined with a snow-white sparsely fleabitten coat, Aldebaran’s Queen brings to life regal desert type. A strong influx of Egyptian blood with two crosses to Aswan through the great daughter Parma, ensure future generations with her elusive beauty of the desert.

In addition to *Pustynna Tarcza, the alliance also cherishes another famous gem. Owned by Raymond Mazzei, Polish National Champion *EGZOTYKA is a dam of legendary mares. “Arguably the most beautiful daughter of legendary sire Probat, ultra-refined, very correct and charmingly feminine, Egzotyka is the ideal broodmare. Milky white with an antique fleabitten coat, she was crowned Polish National Champion in 1991 and produced daughters Eskalopka, Egna and Egzonera who are themselves legends. Her look of the desert and Queenly demeanor carry on still.


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