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Stellar Nursery: Spring-time at Aldebaran.

Spring 2011 Campaign

New Ad Campaign to launch at the Arabian Breeders World Cup, Las Vegas featuring the eternally beautiful *Pustynna Tarcza

Spring Ad Campaign 2011 © Aldebaran Arabians

Spring Campaign 2011 feat. Pustynna Tarcza to launch at Arabian Breeders World Cup, Las Vegas © Aldebaran Arabians

“Spring time is a culmination of all our hopes, and the reality of our decisions from the year past. With each foal born at the foundation pastures of Aldebaran, there is a monumental joy in witnessing the realization of these endeavors, all the while recognizing that our purpose is progressive stewardship, rather than craft or alchemic creation.

There is an exceptional responsibility with every breeding decision at Aldebaran, most especially when one considers a unique gem like *Pustynna Tarcza; the great Polish beauty who, as though drawn from the pages of regal epics, grows more astonishingly graceful with every passing season and one cannot help but measure time with her.

The mares that we have traveled to find for Aldebaran, and personally selected for our program, embody such expression. When considering for Stallions, and what our perception of beauty is, there is, we hope, an originality in conveying that vision. We believed in, and were the first, to locally breed and implement *Emigrant (Ararat x Emigrantka) in the United States — and in 2011 we continue that with the very first foal of Qatar-import *Nebras Al Rayyan (Ansata Hejazi x Naama Al Rayyan) in the America’s.

On progression upon the Classic, we never think that it was better before: We’re not interested in repetition — but it is impossible for us to find inspiration, or source proportion, outside Classic Desert type. We may have a really different approach to and understanding of the Arabian horse which is, we believe, a really positive thing in the interest of universal progression. Archaisms certainly do have some reassuring charms, unless progression is used creatively and in a positive way.

The most important thing, aside from balance, is always to create a visual lexicon of our own program, an accumulation of signs that immediately spell our farm initials.

Our first foal crop was symbolic of this hope; appreciative of having achieved that crucial step and the indescribable success with promising cornerstones such as Emelea Aldebaran (*Emigrant x Copper Monet), we carry the breeding successes from last year forth with real pride in our Mares and always the hope to further this new generation of the Aldebaran program.

We invite you to visit Aldebaran’s Stellar Nursery to see the steps and personal decisions that we have undertaken in the year past to further our noble collection of Mares.”

Aldebaran Arabians
California, March 2011
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